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We build digital assets for investment, trade & payments.

We create blockchain-based digital assets that are safe, smart, fast and easy to use. Entirely created with a business purpose that benefits everyone.

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What is Agus Finance (AFI) & Why?

Agus Finance (AFI) is a blockchain technology-based digital asset that was created with the aim of making payments easier for our customers who are outside Indonesia to pay for service fees and products from our business.

We are an online service provider company for website creation, search engine optimization (SEO) services, web server maintenance + setup, online marketing consultant for small businesses, sales of various digital products & cryptocurrency creation services where our small business already has several international customers.

Sometimes our international customers have problems with payments, on the other hand we see the phenomenon that cryptocurrencies are now very popularly used for payments, investments and trading. Here we look at solutions to solve payment problems for us and our international customers, by accepting payments in cryptocurrency! now that we do it all becomes easier, faster and safer. And this is Agus Finance (AFI) digital asset / cryptocurrency that we created for a smart breakthrough for our business.

To get a project development fund!
Sometimes we have a project like making a mobile application, a website and others that require funding from investors, and we plan to use AFI as an ownership stake in the project we will be working on. Investors buy AFI and we use the funds raised to finance our projects then investors get dividends from the project profits. In addition, we still have many big plans related to the development of the Agus Finance (AFI) project in the future.

Why do we use AFI instead of using another currency like Bitcoin?
We believe in all the advantages offered by other digital assets such as Bitcoin & top cryptocurrencies, but by creating our own digital assets we can further control the circulation, conversion value and security than we make decisions using other cryptocurrencies. Besides being able to be used as a digital currency for payments in all of our business units and our partners, we will also list AFI on several popular crypto exchanges so that anyone can trade it or buy on the exchange to save as an investment. AFI has a small amount of supply, and controlled circulation so that the price will certainly continue to increase in the crypto market and this is what makes AFI worth buying for investment.


Token Sale & Overview

Below is information regarding the AFI sale & token details.

Private Sale
30 Days
Allocation 6000 AFI Price 1 BNB = 250 AFI No Minimum
Sale Stage 1
30 Days
Allocation 3000 AFI Price 1 BNB for 100 AFI Minimum Buy 1 BNB
Sale Stage 2
30 Days
Allocation 3000 AFI Price 1 BNB = 50 AFI Minimum Buy 2 BNB
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Private-Sale Start at 21/03/2021
Project Name Agus Finance
Symbol AFI
Decimals 18
Total Suply 30,000
Blockchain Binance Smart Cahin (BSC)
Type BEP20
Contract Address 0x246988285b48efd26488426fbc785074e7cdf148
Circulation Now ≤ 10,000


20% Private-Sale
20% Open Sale Stage 1 & 2
25% Liquidity & open Trading on Exchange
5% For Promotion & Airdrops
10% For Development Team
5% For Donation
15% Reserved Fund


February 2021

Start build project.

March 2021

Private Sale & AFI listing in its first crypto exchange

April 2021

Sale stage 1

May 2021

Build social media community & airdrops

June 2021

Open sale stage 2

July 2021

Listing AFI on various crypto exchanges

August 2021

AFI listing on popular crypto markets

September 2021

AFI Private Sale to get funds for our other projects from investors

December 2021

Listed AFI on Binance

January 2022

Build DAPP for AFI

February 2022

Listed AFI on best Indonesian crypto market & other big crypto markets

Development Team

AFI is developed by a small team of experienced people

CEO & Lead Blockchain

Agus SA

CEO & Lead Blockchain

10 years experience in the field of Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Server Programming. Now focused on providing crypto creation services for small businesses as well as being an advisor on several crypto projects.

Blockchain 85%
Decentralization 68%

Slamet Riadi


Expert in blockchain & cryptocurrency product marketing

Partner & Ecosystem

  • binance chain
  • bscscan
  • metamask
  • pancake swap
  • trustwallet

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